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The company's domestic trade business mainly engages in importing raw wood pulp, recycled pulp and other papermaking raw materials, and sets up warehouses in Qingdao, Tianjin, Changshu, Shanghai, Xiamen, Guangzhou and other places; The products involve coniferous pulp, broadleaf pulp, beauty waste, horse waste, etc. Among them, coniferous pulp covers brands such as Silver Star, Moon, Beimu, Kailipu, etc. Broadleaf pulp includes bird, parrot, silk, purple sand, etc. Regenerated pulp products mainly include imported beauty waste, horse waste, and other dry rubbed pulp. The company has established stable, long-term, and in-depth cooperative relationships with multiple strong domestic and foreign suppliers, deeply rooted in the domestic paper industry, diversified business channels, and established business cooperation with multiple domestic paper mills, which is highly recognized by domestic and foreign partners.


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Shandong Hongyi International Supply Chain Co.,Ltd was established in 2019. We provide epoxy resin and all type of saturated polyester resin which include hybrid, TGIC system and primid system for powder coating.  
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